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   "Undoubtedly, one of the most thoroughly researched and well thought out books on this subject available today! Truly, a labor of love."

Ryan Elliott, MSW,
Author of Wide-Awake, Clear-Headed and Refreshed: Medical Hypno-Analysis In Action -- Winfield, Illinois

"This book is a wonderful blend of psychodynamics, philosophy, and spirituality. Dr. Menahem takes his readers on a personal, thoughtful, playful and even profound journey to areas of human experience that affect us all. He offers anecdotes, ideas, and possibilities for growth that often elude more traditional healers. This is indeed a smart and enjoyable book and should benefit a great many people who are searching for answers that often transcend the purview of narrowly focused psychotherapies. Dr. Menahem has written a truly soulful book that I highly recommend."

Dr. Barry Farber, Ph.D., Chairman,
Clinical Psychology Department Teachers College, Columbia University

"As we approach the millennium, it is clear that the human race needs to quicken the pace of spiritual and psychological growth if we are to survive. Dr. Menahem's thoughtful book presents this argument cogently and entertainingly, along with practical exercises and easily understandable tools to enhance one's own spiritual development. An excellent companion to Larry Dossey's Healing Words."

Michael Grosso, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy,
Jersey City State College,
Author of The Millennnium Myth, Frontiers of the Soul, and Soulmaking


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